Made from 304 Stainless Steel 4mm rod, designed and manufactured right here in Australia to make your life easier. This simple yet incredibly practical piece of equipment, designed for use in a Washer / Disinfector, allows up to 24 clippers be stacked into a compact space, in their “open” and vertical position to ensure ease and efficiency in cleaning and drying.

Twenty four nail clippers are held in each rack in both the open and vertical positions in your machine which allows all surfaces and hinges to be fully exposed to washing in 55 degree hot water and detergent, hot water rinsing, and then 80 degree hot water disinfecting cycle. (As required in AS4185). At the completion of the cycle the clippers can be removed immediately, hot, dry and ready for bagging, knowing that each nail clipper has been thoroughly washed and disinfected.

This rack drastically reduces the number of wash cycles required each day to clean your instruments, freeing up your staff to carry out other duties.

This very practical piece of equipment, was designed at the request of a Melbourne based podiatrist.

- Podiatrists who have already purchased these racks are thrilled with the results, as they are so easy to use, and save so much time.

  • Less washing cycles per day
  • Clippers are dry at the end of the cycle
  • Each rack correctly holds 24 pairs of clippers, in an open upright state.
  • With multiple racks you can wash up to 96 pairs of clippers per cycle.
  • Decreases your staff work load, freeing them up for other tasks
  • Ensure a cleaner work place with less clutter
  • Decreases chances of cross contamination
  • Increases compliance with Australian Standards.


304 Stainless Steel 4mm rod, with Wagner electroplating.
Overall Dimensions: 410mm x 190mm x 75mmH

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Made from 304 Stainless Steel 4mm rod & mesh, and manufactured right here in Australia, these NEW Sanitech Podiatry Instrument Racks are designed to hold your instruments in the vertical position, enabling each instrument to be fully exposed to greater volumes of water during the washing and disinfecting cycle, thereby providing you with much cleaner instruments.

Another real benefit of having instruments in the vertical position means that on completion of the cycle they are dry and ready for bagging, saving drying time.

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SANITECH Australia’s new Podiatry Bur rack, holds up to 36 Burrs at once in a compact upright position, allowing them to be quickly and easily stacked for washing / disinfecting & drying, prior to bagging for sterilization. Once again, Sanitech has provided another way to save you costs in staff time, by freeing up staff to undertake other duties, as your products are automatically & professionally cleaned for you, within your own facility. For more information contact us


1.5mm thick 304 Stainless Steel sheet with Wagner electroplating
Overall Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm x 25mmH

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