Instrument Washer 9100


Dimensions :

1540mmH x 600mmW X 610mmD

Australian Standards Compliance

Installation instructions

The SANITECH Series 9170 Podiatry Instrument Washer disinfector delivers reliable thermal and chemical disinfection for a wide range of podiatry equipment. Backed by robust build quality, easy to use functions and full data logging; the Series 9170 Podiatry Instrument Washer disinfector will ensure premium instrument cleaning and disinfection for any podiatry application.


Programmed in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard 2945. Computerised control ensures Guaranteed Uniform Washing & Disinfection.

Also Programmed in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard 4187:

1.Wash & Disinfect

2.Chamber Clean Program

Pre-rinsing stage 5 minutes, drain, hot wash stage with liquid detergent at 55ºC, 5 minutes, drain, hot rinsing stage at 65ºC, 2 minutes drain, disinfecting stage 80ºC for 10 minutes, drain.

The SANITECH Series 9170 Washer / Disinfector, has the “Seal of Approval” from the Department of Health.

Easy-to-read panel

Alpha numeric characters keep you informed of temperature and stage position throughout each cycle.


From the menu, select the program required then start, and the memory does the rest. If you want to use the same program again just push start. It’s so easy.


Spray system consists of eight highly effective spray zones, which ensure the whole load, is really clean.

Robust and durable

Stainless steel racks that will stand the test of even the busiest hospital.

Easy Glide Baskets

Baskets, that roll out effortlessly even with a full load. The upper rack slides smoothly on four wheels along a ball bearing strip with rubber end stoppers. The lower basket glides smoothly on eight wheels all the way across the door, making loading and unloading easy. The whole basket can be easily lifted out.

Data Logging

A first in infection control management, as paper printouts no longer comply with ISO 15883 Standard which is the International Standard for validation, Sanitech have introduced Data Logging into their range of Washer/ disinfectors. Sanitech’s Data Logging stores cycle information electronically enabling complete retrieval and management via PC.

The Disinfector

  • Designed to wash and disinfect a broad range of utensils and surgical instruments in hospitals, day surgeries and dental clinics
  • Front loading, freestanding unit built in compliance with AS 2945 and OH&SS
  • Electronic controlled multi program system with simple user navigation
  • Extremely quiet 37dB
  • Electronic controls mounted above wash chamber
  • Easy serviceable unit
  • Alphanumerical digital display characters 8mm high
  • Indicates the temperature during each stage of the cycle.
  • Shows the stage that an operating cycle has reached
  • Cycle Progress Bar
  • Detects faults and reports on display
  • Thermal wash/decontamination program 80ºC – 10 minutes
  • Utensil wash program
  • Instrument cycle
  • Chamber clean program
  • Detergent load program
  • Automatic liquid chemical dispenser
  • Strong and stable s/s door
  • Stainless steel frame & interior
  • Full-length external s/s panels
  • Top and lower racks included
  • Fresh water intake for each cleaning/rinsing stage
  • High capacity circulation pump
  • Anti-block drain pump
  • Hot and cold water connections
  • Built-in heating element
  • Low cost installation
  • OH and Safety Standards
  • Easy load/unload waist height front access
  • Underneath clearance for cleaning
  • Lockable detergent storage drawer located in machine
  • Holds up to 3 x 5 litre detergent containers