Instrument Drying Cabinet 9360



1700mm H x 745mm W x 530mm
D. - Door width 625mm

SERIES 9365 (Slim Line)
1700mm H x 600mm W x 530mm
D. - Door width 480mm

Voltage: 220-240 V AC/50Hz

The SANITECH Series 9360 & 9365 Instrument Drying Cabinet. Available in 2 sizes

Sanitech series 9360 new generation Instrument Drying Cabinet provides outstanding practical solutions.

  • The cabinet is manufactured in Australia using high quality stainless steel and components, which ensure a very long and trouble free lifetime. The SANITECH cabinet is sound with no flammable insulation.
  • The SANITECH DRYING CABINET method for heating, is the circulation of warm air via a forced “Serpentine flow” above and below each shelf; This ensures rapid and even heat distribution throughout the cabinet.
  • Fitted with a “Ceramic Fibre Blanket” which is a high temperature insulating material. The blanket is non-hygroscopic and therefore will not absorb water. It is rot proof, will not sustain vermin nor breed or promote fungi or bacteria. It does not alter nor subside with time. With a fully insulated double skinned cabinet for easy maintenance the heat is retained thereby reducing your running costs. The cabinet is sound and heat insulated.
  • Six full width stainless steel wire shelves are fitted to allow greater air flow throughout the cabinet.
  • The fan is the only moving part; therefore the Cabinet requires minimal maintenance and cleaning.
  • Air passes through a dry washable removable micro mesh filter for the removal of course dust, fluff, lint and other contaminants.
  • The full length high quality stainless steel Cool Door is fitted with a full-length handle for ease of opening and you can have the door hinged from the left or right hand side for access depending on your workflow.
  • Designed for safe and fast drying
  • ECEFast Analog Set Controller with Digital Display Instrument is fitted to the cabinet. Just turn the control dial to the temperature you want. The temperature can be easily changed.
  • Complies to Australian Standard 4187 - 2014