SANITECH Series 4000 Surgical Instrument Baskets.

SANITECH's Surgical Instrument baskets bring function and flexibility to your surgical decontamination needs. These purpose built baskets are designed to assist complete decontamination within an efficient work flow ensuring rapid instrument processing for any hospital or surgery.

Dr. Arnand Deva, a prominent researcher into hepatitis B, has stated “ We’ve already shown that if you don’t clean instruments properly there is a 100% chance of transmission of hepatitis B infection.” (Private Hospital, March 1996,p18)

With this in mind we have designed a wire mesh instrument baskets with a mesh size that will allow greater water force and volume to wash your instruments cleaner.

  • They are Australian made
  • They’re strong. Really strong.
  • Stainless steel woven mesh.
  • Quality finished. Highly polished
  • They have rounded corners.
  • Excellent visibility of contents.

4420 Mesh

16 Gauge 1.6 dla, wire Surgical Instrument Basket 304 Stainless 55x420x420mm

4215 Mesh

16 Gauge 1.6 dla, wire Surgical Instrument Basket w/Lid 304 Stainless 55x210x420mm

4350 Mesh

Surgical/Dental Instrument Basket 304 Stainless 40x210x350mm


Insert for Lower basket 16 Dental Trays


Insert Cassette Rack For Dental Instruments


Vertical Instrument Rack
304 Stainless Steel 4mm rod & mesh with Wagner electroplating